Monday, January 26, 2009

AZ trip

This is by request. Here is some pics of my trip to my grandparents.

On the highway

Snow only falls on one side of th deseret ;)

Hole in the Rock

My grandpa and Me

My Heros!!!

My grandma and Me

My favorite person ever!!!

Awww how tender!

Interesting red rock

See the storm I'm about to drive through

Looks Egyptian, and see the cave at the bottom.

Looks like a huge turtle

You can kind of see the caves
in the side of the mountains

Hole in the Rock again

The history of the hole

The snow storm I went through

Cancun, Mx: Nov 2007

I went to Cancun, Mx in November 2007. I had an amazing time, and recommend going! We stayed at an all-inclusive resort. So everything was paid for, even the entertainment. They would host a different club every night and we could get unlimited drinks if we drank ;)

Beautiful Cancun, Mx

Wild Iguana everywhere

That's me in front of that blue blue water

Hotel room. Living room.

We left a tip for the maid and
he made our room so nice.
(Suggestion: Give tips to everyone there)

He made this out of hand towels.

Back of our boat, leaving Cancun,
heading to the glass bottom boat.

Glass Bottom Boat

You can kind of see the Sea Turtle.

Barely see the Sting Ray

We went Para sailing.

Snorkeling. Zebra Fish.

The fish would swim right next to you
and kick you, it was freaky.

That's me!!

That's our bartender's. Digby and Memo.
Yes, that's their real names.

The Coco Bongo
(Recommend this place to everyone)

They put on different acts.

They had amazing balance and strength.

Picture of the crowd.

I can't remember who she was suppose to be
but they would have impersonators.

They would swing from the ceiling.
Very entertaining!

We all know how I feel about midgets
and add Beetle Juice to that?

They asked people from the crowd to be apart of
the skits. That's me on the right.

Spider-man on bungee

The Port of Gran Puerto. We left here to go to a little island
to go shopping at the little market.

Here's the ferry we took :)

Me on the ferry.

You can somewhat see the Port we just left.

This is Juan the Hotel Manager. He was amazing,

let us upgrade to a bigger suite!